Flowers brighten every environment they are in. They have the power of uplifting spirits. This is the reason why they are considered the perfect gift for just any occasion. Qatar is famous for its beautiful architecture. But do you know that it also has a vibrant – remarkable – selection of blooms throughout the year? And this blog is all about it.

So, gear up to wear a floral kaleidoscope as you read along to find out the best flower options for every season in Qatar. 

Significance of Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of nature. After all, this is where nature gets all its colors and vibrancy. Moreover, flowers are one of the top gift options for all sorts of occasions. It is because they are versatile, cost-effective, and pretty to look at. But this is not all! They hold so much significance because:

Flowers Perfectly Represent Your Emotions!

Floral arrangements are the best thing to give someone because they have the power to convey a wide range of emotions. They can even express what words fail to. From love and gratitude to sympathy and joy, flowers can represent any and every emotion – quite perfectly and you can send flowers throughout Qatar with the help of Mayfair. This is why flowers seamlessly fit every event, whether a birthday or someone’s funeral.

Flower Gifting is an Ages-Old tradition!

Moreover, giving flowers has been considered a gesture of love for centuries. The Egyptians, Romans, and Greeks in ancient times made flower gifting a tradition. Floral arrangements were also used to decorate the statues of gods and goddesses during the old times. Apart from this, they were also offered to the tombs of the dead as a gesture of respect.

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Best Flowers for Every Season in Qatar: Year-Round Bliss

If you are confused about what flowers you should pick to delight your loved ones in Qatar, we are here to help. The following are some of the best flowers you can get every season here in this beautiful country. We couldn’t create a whole flower garden for you but we’ve tried to list as many Qatar specials as we could.

When in doubt about what to pick as a gift, just grab a bouquet of elegant flowers and you are good to go!

  1. Aster

Asters are also widely known as “enchanted flowers” because of the way they enchant everyone. It is a popular choice around the world for arrangements and bouquets. You can find Asters in Qatar during the spring and summer seasons – and can easily survive temperatures up to 33-35⁰C. They come in different colors like vibrant pick and soothing lilac to amp up your floral arrangements. 

  1. Sunflower

Nothing in this world is as bright and cheerful as sunflowers. Undoubtedly, these vibrant blooms are nature’s way of bringing smiles to our faces. In fact, it is not wrong to say that sunflowers are summer’s gift to us. They are simply the best option for birthdays, graduation parties, and even weddings. You can also pair them with your wish.

  1. Gomphrena

Being one of the most popular flowers in Qatar, Gomphrenas is a great pick for vibrant bouquets and arrangements. You will see a lot of these in flower shops during the late summer. The best part is that they are super low-maintenance and can survive dry conditions. So, you can also get them as houseplants.

  1. Zinnia

Here is another Qatar favorite on our list: the glorious-looking Zinnia. If you are looking for bigger blooms for your arrangements, these are the best. And they are not just good because they are huge. In fact, their vibrant colors also make them stand out in florist shops. These annual flowers are widely available during the late summer and fall time (23-28⁰C weather).

  1. Gazania Splendens

Till now, we have discussed mostly summer specials. This may have you wondering: aren’t there any flowers in the winter season? Well actually, there are! You’ll find Qatar adorned with flowers all year around (not just spring and summer). Gazania Splendens are elegant, bright-colored blooms that can survive colder weather. (7⁰C and above).

  1. Celosia

These are ideal for the Qatar weather! Plus, they make for an enchanting addition to your floral arrangements. These are also amazing as house plants. An amazing fact about them: they grow in summers but you can dry and preserve them to adorn your winters.

  1. Marigold

Sun-yellow-colored Marigolds perfectly match the luxurious and magnificent vibe of Qatar. Want to lift up someone’s mood? They are the best pick for that. Give them a bundle of joyful Marigolds and remind them of how lively and cheerful their personality is. 

  1. Roses

And how can we forget the king of flowers: the evergreen Roses! From white to red and yellow to subtle pink, you can find a variety of roses in Qatar to make your special ones happy. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day or someone’s birthday, get a bouquet of beautiful roses and make your loved ones happy.

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Flower for Every Occasion

Which flower to choose for what occasion can be confusing. After all, there is so much variety of flowers available out there. No worries; here is a comprehensive guide about the flowers you can pick as gifts for a specific event based on their significance and the meaning they convey.

Special EventsAsterPatience, elegance, and daintiness
Birthdays/GraduationsTulips, SunflowersLove, joy, and celebration
AnniversariesLiliesPurity, devotion, and partnership
WeddingsOrchidsLuxury, beauty, and strength
Valentine’s DayRed RosesPerfect love and affection
Mother’s DayCarnationsLove, admiration, gratitude, luxury
Get Well SoonDaffodilsRebirth, new beginnings, and hope
FuneralsWhite RosesHonor and remembrance
ZinniaRepresents friendships and strong bond

Note: This little guide is just for your help and it is not a compulsion to follow it. When choosing flowers for someone, keep their preferences and tastes in mind.

Key Takeaway!

You have a lot of flower options to explore in Qatar year-round. From the special summer sunflowers to the evergreen roses, the choice is truly endless. With such a rich selection, you can easily find the ideal flower to express your emotions and create unforgettable moments.

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